Top Five Reasons A Cleaning Company May Fail

The contract cleaning industry is lucky…no more than half the companies are unsuccessful in five years. This can be a whole lot better than restaurants. Approximately 80 percent of restaurants are gone in five years.

However, the reason why a restaurant fails and why a cleaning company closes might be distinct. Complicating issues, a few of the reasons a contract cleaning company does not work out are basically secret…the owner is not aware of these issues until it’s too late.

For this reason, this month’s Business of the Business Advisory from Dubai, CEO of professional deep cleaning in Dubai, provides the following “Top Five ‘Secret’ Reasons Cleaning Companies Fail” and how to perhaps stay away from them.

No advertising. Advertising is a section of conducting business; it is carried out if you want new accounts and even when you’ve all that you are designed for. Set apart a specific number of hours for marketing each week.

Outdated SEO. Many contractors update their website every 2, three, or more years and then be done with it; on the other hand, Google and other search engines are updating their search engine algorithms every couple of months. Have an SEO expert improve your site at least one time per year.

No customer maintenance policy. It is not unusual for clients to say they have neither seen nor heard from their cleaning contractor since the day he was employed. This invisibility allows people to fire you. Come up with a regular date with your customers and inform them you love their business and their cleaning needs.

Slow collections. Don’t be uncomfortable to contact slow-paying clients. When a customer doesn’t pay you promptly, they’re squandering your money. Distribute a polite but simple second notice request if a payment is 30 days past due.

Poor staff training: This is probably the number one killer of contract cleaning companies. Poorly trained workers typically result in a revolving door cleaning company…as one new customer is retained, two leave.

Training and ongoing training are crucial in order for a cleaning company in Dubai to survive and thrive.